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Porto Frescatto debuts on television with MetaX Ads

Frescatto Company brand expands its advertising reach exploring CTV opportunities

One of the most traditional food companies in Brazil, Frescatto Company, through its Porto Frescatto brand, debuts its first television media campaign investing in connected TV. In partnership with MetaX Ads, the international leader in advertising and CTV operations, the company –  which completed 75 years in 2019 – used the digital strategy on the big screen to reinforce its brand building.

"At Frescatto Company, we are increasingly focused on innovation and it was a very positive experience to invest in connected TV. We were able to measure the results of the ads in real time, in addition to working more effectively in strategic regions, concentrating impressions in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It is good to see Porto Frescatto on TV, reaching an increasing audience," says Catia Monteiro, marketing manager at Frescatto.

Exploring the opportunities of connected TV, the brand was able to insert television in its communication plan in a complementary way to other media channels they use to invest, reaching a mass audience with optimized and more accessible funds, ensuring a more accurate result measurement, more assertive and immediate.


"Through the independent and self-service campaign management platform and the MetaX Ads strategy applied in the use of different formats, Porto Frescatto was able to significantly increase its reach and engagement through clickable formats, with a CTR of up to 17.72% at certain times." highlights Vanessa Delgado, senior vice-president of business development at MetaX Brasil. "It is very good to see how such a traditional company is open to invest and extract the best from an innovative and rapidly rising option such as connected TV. Changes are accelerating and Frescatto Company is a pioneer in the option that will be the catalyst for all digital media, in addition to being an opportunity for brands that want to be on TV with greater reach and less investment." complements.