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Trend: 86% of media professionals plan to increase or start investing in CTV

Trends and opportunities for CTV were raised in a special presentation by professionals from MetaX and Nielsen Brazil 

Connected TV has been gaining momentum and its popularity has sky-rocketed. 97% of brands intend to spend their ad budgets on connected TV this year. From a future possibility to a frequent option in the plans of thousands of customers, from local brands to some of the biggest global advertisers, CTV (Connected TV) has become a reality in Brazil in a very short time, especially driven by new television consumption habits in the country – where 87% of the audience already prefers to watch their favorite streaming on CTV! 

Recently, MetaX teamed up with Nielsen Brazil to draw an overview and raise the main trends and possibilities brought by connected TV (CTV) for advertisers in Brazil and worldwide. The content was presented first-hand at ProXXIma 2021, one of the main marketing and innovation events in the Brazilian market, held on November 17th and 18th, in São Paulo. 


The panel "Connected TV: trends, relevance, and opportunities for now" was presented by Sabrina Balhes, Nielsen Brazil country leader; and Alexandre Dantas, director of partnerships and publishers at MetaX for Latin America, with mediation by Karan Novas, a specialist in creativity and marketing. 

Sabrina presented details on how content consumption on CTV has increased in recent years in the United States, practically doubling in the audience in all age groups between 2012 and 2017 – also causing an accelerated growth of advertising investment. In Brazil, this is increasingly reflected, with a survey conducted in May 2021 indicating that at least 73.5% already have access to any streaming platforms as their main way to watch videos – including those with an ad-based model. 


Alexandre Dantas, from MetaX, showed some data about audience volume and what possibilities CTV offer for creativity and impact. According to him, only with MetaX's solutions, it is currently possible to reach 15 million users daily exploring new formats that are suitable for the streaming viewer journey. The brand messages are displayed at different journey moments in Smart TVs and platforms such as PlutoTV, Vix, and Runtime Media.  

Usually, CTV ads are recognized as in-stream video ads, but involve other places as well, such as TV Power On and TV Power Off instants, regardless of the type of content. On CTV the viewers control what matters, so ads need to be suitable with their behavior in front of the TV. MetaX offers innovative CTV device-level placements exclusively in the Brazilian market, enabling advertisers in different industries to effectively achieve their desired audiences, under context. 

MetaX brings to the market the newest possibility to increase attributes of the brand, like favorability and purchase interest. It is the media that comes up with a business orientation, says Dantas. 

In the end, Sabrina Balhes and Alexandre Dantas also analyzed opportunities for interactivity, metrics, segmentation, and CTV's main differentials compared to digital and traditional TV, often bringing together the best of these two media. The full content can be accessed at this link. 

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