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Join MetaX CTV Ads Sharing at ProXXIma

Marketing has witnessed significant shifts in customer behavior in 2020 as people spend more time watching TV on streaming services than ever during the lockdown.

Connected TV has been gaining momentum and its popularity has sky-rocketed. 97% of brands intend to spend their ad budgets on connected TV this year. 

As a data-driven Connected TV (CTV) advertising and operation platform, MetaX Software will attend the digital marketing and communication event ProXXIma in Brazil from October 26th to 29th to share our insights on CTV market and how to help you attract more target audiences and increase brand awareness on the TV screens.

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So far, MetaX Software has covered 4.5 million CTV devices and 9.6 million CTV users in Brazil.

Vanessa Delgado, Senior VP of Business Development at MetaX Software, will be honored to give a speech "Connected TV: The revolution of TV ads" on the first day of ProXXIma to show you how CTV advertising changes TV ads. 

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About MetaX Software

MetaX Software is a data-driven Connected TV (CTV) advertising and operation company. MetaX Software has connected over 20 TV brands and channels which cover about 25 million OTT devices and 80 million large-screen users. It maintains fast and strong growth across Latin America, Southeast Asia and Europe, etc. 

Leveraging its unique strength on the large screens, MetaX Software is dedicated to enabling advertisers from different industries to effectively target their desired audiences; meanwhile, it helps content providers and application developers broaden distribution channel and commercialize inventory across the world.