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Metaxsoft gears up in OTT business

Global smart TV penetration accelerates, and the OTT industry is witnessing rapid growth, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown as people stay more at their homes. Smart TV has become the core entrance of household entertainment. 

Metaxsoft, a leading data-driven Connected TV (CTV) advertising and OTT commercialization company, recently announced the launch of an OTT commercialization platform in the global market. So far, Metaxsoft has covered over 80 million global users and 5 million monthly active users. 

Metaxsoft OTT platform reaches end-users via multiple accesses, for example, TV launcher, browser, applications. In this way, it can help global content providers efficiently realize commercialization on TV screens by offering flexible monetization models, such as advertising, subscription, in-app purchasing, etc.

Currently, Metaxsoft has teamed up with Toon Goggles, YesAuto, Firework, and Fishing TV to explore new possibilities on TV screens. A variety of channels can be found on the Metaxsoft OTT operation platform, including E-sports, Documentaries, Sports, Films, Games, and News. Video length in total lasts for over 10,000 hours. With rich content options, it allows end-users to indulge themselves in an immersive viewing environment. 

MetaX Open Browser Homepage.png

Metaxsoft Open Browser Homepage

Open Browser, a tool of the Metaxsoft OTT platform, is now available in the global Google Play Store, with more than 250,000 downloads by far since its release in early April. User rating further emphasizes its smooth performance and rich entertainment experience.

Arella Hua, Head of Metaxsoft OTT operation business, commented, “With large screens, smart TVs have the natural advantage in displaying visual content and offering user-friendly OTT services. It has always been our pursuit to find out how to build an easy-to-use OTT platform that best suits smart TV users' viewing habits. It's exciting to see the positive feedback from end-users. This will greatly help us to continuously refine the Metaxsoft OTT platform. We look forward to working together with more content providers to pave the way on TV screens.”