What is CTV? Learn about this and more terms in this universe.

CTVConnected TV. It’s a device, such as a smart TV or other device that turns traditional TV into connected TV. Fire TV, Apple TV, Xiaomi STB, and game consoles are examples.
OTTOver the Top. It is a media service that distributes the providers’ content via the Internet. This occurs at the request of the viewer or system user.
FAST channelFree Ad Supported Streaming TV. These are channels that transmit linear TV programming, based on a program guide for CTV devices.
VODVideo On Demand is the method of receiving video content in which the viewer can choose what to watch and when to watch it.
aVODAd-supported Video on Demand is a free video reception and viewing service on an advertising-powered platform. Viewers can consume the content as soon as they watch the ads.
sVODSubscription Video on Demand is the reception of video content granted to the user by means of a monthly, weekly, or daily payment.
CTV DataThe set of information concerning the audience or a media platform, characterizing the audience and the medium in which the spectators are present.
DSPDemand-Side Platform. A platform that allows advertisers to manage their ads through a centralized interface.
SSPSupply-Side Platform. A platform that provides publishers with the resources to aggregate, consolidate, and manage their demand sources. In other words, it is software that connects demand to content providers.
Advertising contextThis is the relationship that exists between the message of an advertisement and the content around which it is displayed. The more related they are, the better the context.
VTRView Through Rate is a value that defines the percentage of people that watched the video and how many of them watched it to the end.
VCRVideo Completion Rate is the metric that calculates the ratio between the number of times the video was viewed in its entirety and the number of times the video was viewed.
ViewabilityVisibility is the metric that establishes that at least 50% of the advertising piece must be visible. When on display, for at least 1 second; and when on video, for at least 2 seconds.
Brand LiftBrand lift is a study that determines the increase in the interaction between the brand and its public by means of an advertising campaign. The rate of increase in the perception of brand favorability, purchase intention, and the memorability of an ad are examples of what the study can offer.
Target or segmentationCharacteristics of a target audience involving demographic, interest, and behavioral information.
Linear TVRefers to TV programming content, based on a viewing schedule, which defines the time and length of time that programming will be available. Currently, this type of content can be based through antenna and pay-TV or streaming systems.
StreamingIt is a technology that allow data transmission, such as video, sound and image, via internet with no need to download and upload. GloboPlay, Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime are examples of streaming audio and video platforms.

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