Brazil: Perfect timing to think about CTV and rethink your media strategy




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Of all the existing media, TV is the one that is currently undergoing a transformation that follows consumer behavior. It is the beginning of a renovation in this environment.

Brazilians watch TV on a large scale, an average of six hours a day in front of the big screen. It is the most far reaching media in the country, and brands that advertise there are more remembered and tend to get better results.

And this tends to grow even more with the connected TV evolution, which is already a reality in the country. There are more than 17 million smart TVs in Brazil, which means more than 160 million advertising impacts per month.

For advertisers and brands, it is a perfect time to rethink your strategies. The reach that CTV provides is a significant increase and complementary to other media, open TV included. Interactive CTV formats capture the attention of the audience, significantly improving the consumer experience.

Main benefits

Among the main benefits of CTV advertising, access to a large audience is one. The number of homes with connected TVs is increasing day by day and projections indicate that the growth will be 82% by 2023. Another benefit is in data-driven platforms, which allow the advertiser to monitor performance and evaluate metrics in real time, adapting materials and strategies, increasing ROI of each campaign easily.

It also proves to be highly attractive to brands characterized by strong exposure and 100% visual impact when talking about full screen videos on the big screen. The quality of the TV’s display and audio is unmatched by any other device in the house.

In addition to the premium quality, there is the creative format of CTV ads, which manage to generate immersive, meaningful, and engaging experiences for the audience. CTV advertising is targetable, trackable, measurable, and intelligent, amplifying significantly the benefits offered by the traditional TV.

Market penetration

Like the CTV itself, MetaX maintains fast global growth rates, with over 25 million OTT devices and 80 million TV users. Above all, our goal is to help marketing and communication professionals around the World to reach a massive target audience effectively with lower investments.

The forecast for the next 5 years is that connected TV (CTV) will continue to earn large amounts of impressions, with the potential to reach or even outperform linear TV. By massively aggregating local CTV traffic in Brazil, MetaX Software takes the lead in CTV advertising, reaching with his platform 4.5 million connected TVs – what means 100 million daily traffic in CTV.

Following the evolution of CTV around the globe, MetaX advertising platform is also in markets like Mexico, Germany, Australia, Indonesia and other important countries in South America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Want to understand how we can help you to grow your company’s results? Schedule a demo with us visiting

Vanessa Delgado

Senior VP Business Development at MetaX Brazil