COVID-19 awareness campaign highlights effectiveness of connected TV advertising for Brazilians




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MetaX campaign reached more than 300,000 people in the country; survey indicates that 84% of the public considers CTV communication positive

The necessary and urgent awareness of COVID-19 inspired the first campaign ran in the Brazilian market by MetaX Software, a company specialized in advertising and operation in connected TVs (CTV). With reduced sampling to analyze the average profile of the national CTV audience, the campaign reached 300,000 people, delivering relevant content on hygiene care and prevention, in addition to information on ways of contagion and symptoms of the disease.

The content was displayed at three different moments in the user experience. The first in the “Power On” format, when the person turns on the TV; the second in “Pre-launch”, which precedes access to applications installed on Smart TV; and the third at the moment “Information strip”, when changing channels.

Along with the information, users were given access to a survey that measured the public’s perception of the campaign’s content on CTV. Of the total universe of participants, 84% considered the information offered in the communication to be positive and useful. Regarding the display of advertising on their connected TVs, 62% of them indicated accepting and consider it interesting to receive the content of the advertising campaign there. Even with the option to “skip” after 5 seconds on the 30″ piece, the average time for a video ad to show was 23 seconds, much higher than the advertising rate on digital video platforms. The click-through rate (CTR) reached 19.2%, when the average of a successful campaign on other digital media channels is between 3% and 5%.

“In addition to the value and social benefit, the campaign showed how Brazilians are already integrated and understanding communication on TVs connected in a natural and positive way. We had results of interaction and perception far above the average of other digital platforms, in addition to having the benefit of exposing the content of our campaign on the big screens of Smart TVs, attracting almost 100% of the public’s attention at the time of the message. The fact reinforces the enormous potential of CTV advertising in Brazil ”, highlights Vanessa Delgado, senior vice president of business development at MetaX in Brazil.

Audience and behavior

The campaign also helped to provide an overview of connected TV in Brazil, indicating relevant information about the audience, their behavior and the size of the screens. Regarding the display of content, 29.6% happened on TVs between 30 and 39 inches, while 24.6% were for screens between 40 and 49 inches. 50-59 inch televisions accounted for 18.6%, the same percentage as 21-29 TVs, with the remaining 8.6% delivered on screens over 60 inches.

Among the age groups, despite a good balance among all audiences, the largest fraction is of people over 45 years old (26.5%), followed by those under 18 years old (23.4%); 35 to 45 years (22.2%); 25 to 35 years old (18.7%); and 18 to 25 years old (9.2%).

“It is worth noting that people between 25 and 45 years old occupy 40.9% of the entire group. This segment generally has a strong consumption power and can easily adapt to the digital world. The data also reinforces segmentation and the ability to measurement of possible results in CTV advertising. Thus, we offer an effective solution that is impossible on traditional TV, but with the same benefits “, reinforces Vanessa.

MetaX Software covers 25 million OTT devices and 80 million users of large screens worldwide. In Brazil, there are already 5 million devices and 16 million users of connected TVs, in a fast growing market.

Source: terra