MetaX COVID-19 awareness campaign in Brazil highlights high effectiveness of connected TV advertising




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In May 2020, MetaX Software ran a non-profit COVID-19 awareness campaign reaching 300,000 people in Brazil on connected TVs(CTV), the largest media segment in the country, aiming at raising Brazilian households’ awareness and capability for self-protection in the crisis.

We also made a questionnaire among people who have viewed the campaign to find out the effectiveness and acceptance of CTV advertising, which showed that CTV campaign especially power-on ads achieved extremely high CTR.

MetaX Software has covered 25 million OTT devices and 80 million large-screen users worldwide. In Brazil, MetaX has 5 million OTT devices and 16 million TV users. The market is still growing rapidly.

We released the COVID-19 Awareness Campaign in Brazil Report to reveal what we found through the campaign and questionnaire. Below are the key findings:  

Average CTR of the COVID-19 campaign reached remarkably 16.78% high: CTR of Power on placements reached 19.82% and Pre-Launch placements also achieved 11.53%. 

Brazilians have a high willingness to accept CTV ads: Over 84% users thought the campaign material is helpful for them to cope with COVID-19. More than 62.7% users would like to see more advertising materials on their TV devices. 

Most covered users have strong consumption power: The campaign covered over 60% A class consumers, 21% B class consumers, 14% C class consumers.*

Users aged 25 to 45 account for the vast majority: The largest fraction is of the ones over 45 years old (26.5%), followed by children under 18 (23.4%), 35 to 45 (22.2%), 25 to 35 (18.7%) and 18 to 25 (9.2%).

*A, B, C refers to the level of consumption power. 

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