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In April 2020, MetaX Software, a leading data-driven Connected TV (CTV) advertising and operation company, announced that it will partner with TCL FFalcon in Latin America to enable advertising scenes on TCL smart TVs, helping advertisers to target broader audience on TV screens complying with local data privacy regulations.

TCL is the second largest TV Corporation in the world. In 2019, the company sold 32 million sets of TVs during the period, up by 11.9% year-on-year and representing a market share of 13.0% in shipment (data source: Sigmaintell). The operations of TCL smart TVs are in the full charge of FFalcon Technology. Agilely observing the booming CTV advertising trend, TCL accelerates its global smart TV commercialization through the close partnership with FFalcon and MetaX Software.

CTV remains an influential media platform. In 2019, the number of smart TVs, Connected Set-top-boxes, and other OTT (over-the-top) devices in households exceeded 1 billion. According to the speculation by eMarketer, the OTT monthly users by the year 2022 is predicted to reach 197.7 million.

CTV has become ground zero for the evolution of TV addressability. In addition to providing an optimal viewing experience on a large screen, CTV also creates opportunities for advertisers to apply their learnings from years of digital targeting to a premium large screen environment.

MetaX Software maintains fast growth across the globe, having reached over 25 million worldwide OTT devices and 80 million TV users. In Brazil, MetaX Software has reached cooperation with multiple top TV brands and covered 3 million CTV devices in 2019. By massively aggregating local CTV traffic in Brazil, MetaX Software takes the lead in CTV advertising and helping advertisers reach the vast majority of people in this country. The partnership between MetaX Software and TCL FFalcon will start in Brazil and expand to other regions in the global market. It’s estimated that MetaX Software’s CTV advertising platform will reach millions of TCL smart TVs by end 2020.

Compared with traditional TV commercials, CTV advertising is targetable, trackable, measurable and intelligent. MetaX Software’s CTV advertising platform possesses massive inventory of the unique in-system and in-app CTV ads with various ad placements including bootup screen, screen saver, apps launch screen, and various pre-installed in-app banners and videos, in-stream video ads, etc.

MetaX Software’s CTV advertising platform brings a new option for advertisers:

  • Strong exposure and 100% viewability: A TV fully captures the attention of the family audience. With powerful visual impact brought by the large screen, CTV advertising platform helps advertisers enhance brand awareness rapidly.
  • Performance tracking: The platform provides real-time advertising data dashboard and supports user survey on Connected TV devices, so that advertisers can easily track and evaluate the performance of each campaign.
  • Real-time optimization: Advertisers can view data indicators in real time, get the whole picture of advertising performance, and freely adjust target audience and bidding strategy.

Ryan Chi, VP Product management at MetaX Software, commented, “Today’s CMO/CGO/COOs are faced with incomparable challenges than ever before. They have to make more complicated marketing matrix to reach target audience; meanwhile, marketing cost continues to rise while the ROI can’t be ensured. OTT advertising plays a significant role in today’s media segment. We’re happy to work together with leading DSPs, AD Exchange platforms and ad networks to build a highly independent, efficient and secure CTV advertising platform to accelerate the marketing process.”

MetaX Software was newly founded in 2019 by SERAPHIC Information Technology, a top-notch web-based technology and platform provider of smart TVs.

About MetaX Software

MetaX Software is data-driven Connected TV (CTV) advertising and operation company. MetaX Software has connected over 20 TV brands and channels which cover about 25 million OTT devices and 80 million large-screen users. It maintains fast and strong growth across Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America, etc.

Leveraging its unique strength on the large screens, MetaX Software is dedicated to enabling advertisers from different industries to effectively target their desired audiences; meanwhile, it helps content providers and application developers broaden distribution channel and commercialize inventory across the world.

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About TCL FFalcon Technology 

Established in 2017, FFalcon Technology is a subsidiary company of TCL Electronics , mainly responsible for the operations of TCL Electronics and its subsidiary companies’ global smart TV platforms.

As part of its focus on user experience and smart TV services, FFalcon Technology also designs, produces, manufactures and sells its own smart TVs with integrated services including UI/UE, applications, content operations, cloud services and content license from brands.

FFalcon’s Mission:

To bring greater happiness to worldwide families.

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