Monetize for diverse ad formats

CTV/OTT, MetaX can monetize most of display and video inventory for CTV apps and OTT channels.
CTV Native, MetaX helps TV OEMs to develop and monetize native display and video inventory.
Search Feeds, MetaX can provide Search Ads for TV and mobile browser applications to monetize their search traffic.
In-App banner, video and rewarded, which can reach MetaX's worldwide demands through MetaX optimized auto-bidding system.

Flexible Integration

MetaX supports SDK, VAST or OpenRTB for easy integration.
MetaX also provides server-side-ad-insertion solution for OTT live channels, which implements smoothly ad insertion to content streaming.
Publishers can flexibly choose best integration way according to its traffic distribution architecture.

Visualized Reporting Dashboard

being aware of monetized revenue anytime
Providing multiple metrics for analytics.
Providing detailed reporting with multi-dimensions

Why choose MetaX for monetization?


Optimized eCPM

MetaX's contextualized CTV/OTT audience targeting brings benefits for brand's advertising ROI, as well as brings better eCPM opportunities for publisher's premium inventory. in the meanwhile, MetaX auto-optimized auction system can maximize eCPM according to geo, placement, ad format, VTR, CTR and many adopted metrics.


Reach 100+ Programmatic Demand Partners

MetaX is working with 100+ DSPs, which are bidding to thousands of billions of impressions per month, maximize monetized revenue worldwide.


Private Deals with trusted buyers (PMP Deals)

MetaX has global and regional demand team to have campaigns and private deals with many agencies and brands. which will be able to benefit our publishers with higher fills and eCPM.


Become a MetaX publisher partner