MetaX does not collect personal information from viewers while browsing the Connected TV environment, in accordance with each country's legislation on data protection and personal privacy. The content applications, individually, are responsible for the storage of personal information of their subscribers or users. MetaX does not share sensitive viewer data with, and does not collect such information from, these applications. All personal information regarding Brazilian members, subscribers, customers or visitors who use MetaX will be treated in accordance with the General Law on Personal Data Protection (LGPD), Law No. 13,709 of August 14, 2018. DATA COLLECTION All personal information collected is for the exclusive use of MetaX for the purpose of sharing documents, research and scheduling visits to expose solutions and projects of their services or products. THE ADS In order to make the ads more assertive, we collect and use information contained in the content projected in the connected TV environment. This information is related to the classification of the content, its category, and its description. This data can be combined with geolocation information and TV manufacturer data in order to help advertisers target their messages. LINKS TO PARTNERS Metax partners with content providers and connected TV devices to create a relevant network, consolidating audience and content for viewers. We are not responsible for the Privacy Policy or content provided by our partners. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to partners, but ensures that all partners are subject to personal data protection laws.